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[audio]Karl Marx the Walking Tour
Premiere this Friday
Keywords: Karl Marx
Downloads: 43
[texts]kritiki toy programmatow tis gota
karl marx
Keywords: karl marx
Downloads: 35
[audio]Karl Marx Walking tour
The walking tour of Karl Marx's London
Keywords: Karl Marx
Downloads: 103
[audio]Karl Marx Walk
Karl Marx the man who changed the world, Premiere.
Keywords: Karl Marx; London
Downloads: 129
[audio]Karl Marx in 50 minutes - Michael Buhl
Lecture on Karl Marx in 50 minutes or so.Please provide comments and criticism to criticalthinker68@yahoo.com
Keywords: Karl Marx; Conflict; Workers
Downloads: 754
[texts]Sapogi Karla Marksa - Trnka
Sapogi Karla Marksa. А. Трнка. Сапоги Карла Маркса.
Keywords: Karl Marx; socialism; Marxism
Downloads: 141
[texts]Karl Marx: Das Kapital (PDF)
Ebook, Karl Marx Das Kapital Kritik der politischen Ãkonomie
Keywords: Karl Marx; marxismus; kapital
Downloads: 33,524 (1 review)
[audio]Social-Conflict - Michael Buhl
Social-Conflict perspective in sociology.Please provide comments and criticism to criticalthinker68@yahoo.com
Keywords: Social-conflict; Sociology; Karl Marx
Downloads: 156
[texts]Ten Planks
Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto
Keywords: Marxism; Jesuit Reductions; Karl Marx
Downloads: 184
[texts]Karl Marx: Das Kapital Erstausgabe 1867 - Karl Marx
Karl Marx: Das Kapital. 1867 Die Erstausgabe von 1867, die von der MEW Ausgabe abweicht, besonders in den ersten Kapiteln. Sie hat ausserdem einen schulmeisterlichen Anhang zur Dialektik der Wertform.
Keywords: karl marx dialektik kapital erstausgabe
Downloads: 1,217
[texts]Karl Marx - synthese door Eddy Adriaens
Leven, filosofie en betekenis van Karl Marx, grondlegger van het communisme en van het socialisme.
Keywords: karl marx; marx; socialisme; communisme
Downloads: 262
[audio]Marx Walks promo for resonance fm fundraising
Karl Marx walking tour promo
Keywords: Marx Walks; Resonance fm; Marxism; Karl Marx
Downloads: 14
[audio]Marx Walks Internationale Speakers Corner
Marx Walks
Keywords: Marx Walks; Resonance fm; Marxism; Karl Marx
Downloads: 24
[texts]Provisorische Statuten der Internationalen Arbeiter-Assoziation - Karl Marx
Keywords: statuen; arbeiter-assoziation; zentralorgan; karl marx; marx
Downloads: 105
[audio]Die internationale Marx-Renaissance - "Helle Panke" e.V. - Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung
Ueber das Thema referiert Herwig Lerouge, Direktor des Instituts fuer marxistische Studien in Bruessel. Der Vortrag wurde am 8. Mai 2012 in den Raeumen der "Hellen Panke" e.V. - Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Berlin gehalten.
Keywords: Karl Marx; Herwig Lerouge; Marxforschung; marxistische Studien
Downloads: 78
[audio]Marx Walks Internationale Speakers Corner
Versions of the International song and fundraising promo for Marx Walks and resonance fm
Keywords: Marx Walks; Resonance fm; Marxism; Karl Marx
Downloads: 13
[movies]Marx in Soho
Marx in Soho, written in 1999 by historian Howard Zinn (1922-2010), is a one-man play on the life of Karl Marx. Zinn stated that he wrote the play to "show Marx as few people knew him, as a family man, struggling to support his wife and children."
Keywords: Mrax; Karl Marx; Howard Zinn; socialism; history
Downloads: 121
[texts]Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Preamble A spectre is haunting Europeâthe spectre of Communism. All the Powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Czar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies. Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as Communistic by its opponents in power? Where is the Opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of Communism, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its reactionary ...
Keywords: Karl Marx; Friedrich Engels; communist; manifesto
Downloads: 1,121
[texts]Bruno Bauer - Feldzüge der Reinen Kritik - Bruno Bauer
Sammelband 1968
Keywords: Bruno Bauer; Kritik; Jungehegelianer; Karl Marx
Downloads: 406
[texts]Documents of the First International, 1871 1872. - International Workingmen's Association.
Minutes of the General Council during the pivotal years of the Commune and the Hague congress; Prepared by the Institute of Marxism-Leninism of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Keywords: communism; socialism; Paris Commune; Karl Marx
Downloads: 508
[audio]Enrique Dussel (Versión completa) 190 Aniversario del Nacimiento de Karl Marx - Economia Radio Mexico, Economia Radio Mx, Julio Rosas Bellacetin
Audio Conferencia
Keywords: Economia Radio Mexico; México; Karl Marx; Enrique Dussel A; UNAM; 190 Anoversario Karl Marx
Downloads: 966
[audio]54 - the Manifesto of the Communist Party (part one) - fateful years
We offer a full reading of this influential book in separate parts. In this opening section the authors lay out their theory of history being a history of class struggles.
Keywords: Communist Manifesto; history podcast; fateful years; Karl Marx; Freidrich Engels
Downloads: 24
[audio]Marxism Today: Episode 1-1: Introduction
This is the first Episode of the Marxism Today Podcast. In it our host introduces the series and provides the rationale behind producing the podcast. http://marxismtodaypodcast.wordpress.com/
Keywords: Marxism; Today; Podcast; Socialism; Theory; Politics; Karl Marx; Liberal; Conservative
Downloads: 272
[audio]56 - the Communist Manifesto (part three) - fateful years
In this third segment the aspect of Communists and Proletarians are discussed
Keywords: history podcast; fateful years; Karl Marx; Freidrich Engels; Communist Manifesto
Downloads: 21
[audio]Speakers Corner August 12th 2012
Mick Brooks on his book Capitalist Crisis Theory and Practice
Keywords: Capitalist Crisis; Marxist Theory; Marxist.com; Marxism; Karl Marx
Downloads: 87
[audio]David Harvey - Reading Capital Volume 2 (Full Course) - www.sarcastro.net
David Harvey's course on reading Capital Volume 2 (and some of 3) in mp3 format. There are a couple of lectures missing from the end which will be added when they are made available. More information at davidharvey.org.
Keywords: Karl Marx; David Harvey; Capital; Capitalism; Communism; Socialism; Process Philosophy
Downloads: 61
[audio]IV. Marx-Herbstschule - der Fetischismus
Mitschnitte der Referate (28. – 30. Oktober 2011 Berlin) 1.) Michael Heinrich Die Bedeutung und systematische Stellung der Fetischkritik im Marx’schen Werk 2.) Rolf Hecker Der Fetischbegriff in die Entstehungsgeschichte des Kapital 3.) Hendrik Wallat Der Fetischbegriff im Kontext der Marx’schen Theorie 4.) Kornelia Hafner Zur Frage des Gebrauchswertfetischismus 5.) Diethard Behrens Zur Problematik des Zusammenhangs von Kapitalfetisch, Technik- und Wissenschaftskritik 6.) Frieder Otto Wolf ...
Keywords: Karl Marx; Fetischismus; Helle Panke; Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Downloads: 328
Karl Marx won a very popular view in his time by postulating that religion is the opium of the people. This view however formidable it may have been, has not truly expressed the religious experience of the Urhobo. Thus, the paper among other things, seeks to extricate the views of Marx in the Urhobo religious context. It adopts a sociological interpretation of the phenomenon of religion among the people against the backdrop of blind followership (opium)...
Keywords: KEYWORDS: Karl Marx; Urhobo; Chaotic Environment; Sociological Interpretation; Opium
Downloads: 179
[audio]David Harvey - Reading Capital Volume 1 (Full Course) - www.sarcastro.net
David Harvey's course on reading Capital Volume 1 in mp3 format. More classes (as well as the handouts) available at davidharvey.org.  
Keywords: Karl Marx; David Harvey; Neoliberalism; Process Philosophy; Capitalism; Communism; Socialism
Downloads: 115
[audio]Marxism Today: Episode 1-1: Introduction and Rationale - Marxism Today Podcast
This is the first episode of the Marxism Today podcast. In it, the host explains the reasons for starting the podcast and the future content of the podcast.
Keywords: Marxism; Today; Podcast; Socialism; Theory; Politics; Karl Marx; Liberal; Conservative
Downloads: 67
[texts]Marx And Satan - Richard Wurmbrand
Marx and Satan
Keywords: Marx & Satan; Marxism; Satanism; Socialism; Communism; Karl Marx; Freiderich Engels
Downloads: 1,440 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Karl Marx - Grundrisse - www.sarcastro.net
In English.
Keywords: Karl Marx; Capitalism; Grundrisse; Capitalist Mode of Production
Downloads: 232
[texts]Karl Marx - Capital (Tomo I-III) - www.sarcastro.net
En español. 
Keywords: Español; Karl Marx; Capital; Grundrisse; Capitalismo; Socialismo; Comunismo
Downloads: 249
[movies]valzhyna mort
valzhyna mort read her poems in belarusian//beate dueber read german translatins//electric guitar improvasation by ç°//camera by frank maibier//performance in chemnitz, 20.05.2006
Keywords: valzhyna mort; poetry; improvisation; chemnitz; karl-marx-stadt; video art
Downloads: 212
[texts]Death of the West
Unchecked immigration is destroying America. This is all part of a deliberate attempt to destroy what is left of Western Civilization.
Keywords: America; Whites; Third-World; Communism; Karl Marx; Blacks; Leon Trotsky
Downloads: 376
[movies]Abomination of Obamanation 2016 - Full Movie
Documentary of how USA president is a communist, traitor and liar.
Keywords: Documentary; USA President; Communist; Karl Marx; Socialism; Frank Davis
Downloads: 342
[audio]172DIYChurch Karl Marx Stadt - G.O:D
In this episode Karl Marx Stadt 1/2 society sucker, 1/x wasted acid force is speaking german and performing all in one and in between there is the secret jazz guitarist filling out the gaps.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Karl Marx Stadt; Karl Marx Land; Society Sucker; Skee; Tracker; Nirvana; Begeisterung; Guitarre
Downloads: 43
[audio]Reading Capital - Lecture by Prabhat Patnaik - Abhishek Shaw
Lecture on the relevance of Marx's Capital to understanding capitalism and the world today. Lecture by Prabhat Patnaik organised by Indian School of Social Sciences.
Keywords: Reading Capital; Prabhat Patnaik; Karl Marx; Marxism; Indian School of Social Sciences; Chennai
Downloads: 23
[audio]Enrique Dussel (Versión completa) 190 Aniversario del Nacimiento de Karl Marx - Economia Radio Mexico, Economia Radio Mx
Keywords: Economia Radio Mexico; Economia Radio Mx; México; Karl Marx; Enrique Dussel A; UNAM
Downloads: 194
[audio]55 - the Manifesto of the Communist Party (part two) - fateful years
In the second segment of this seminal book the proletarians are discussed as being a 'class of labourers' who are 'apendages of machines'. Their life, conditions, and exploitation are all highlighted.
Keywords: history podcast; fateful years; the Communist Manifesto; Karl Marx; Freidrich Engels
Downloads: 20
[audio]Speakers Corner Marxwalks
marx walks
Keywords: Marx walks; karl marx; speakers corner; resonance fm; heiko khoo; marxism; London
Downloads: 16
[audio]PHIL223 Capitalism 2011 5 - Making a Living - Sam Clark, Lancaster University, UK
Lecture: wrongs of, and alternatives to, work in capitalism - exploitations and alienations, workplace democracies and craft communities. Part of 'Capitalism as an Ethical Problem'.
Keywords: capitalism; work; exploitation; alienation; William Morris; Karl Marx; Richard Sennett; craft
Downloads: 120
[audio]Marxism Today: Episode 1-9: Engles' Burial Speech - Marxism Today Podcast
In this episode we take a close look at the Eulogy provided by Fredrick Engles at the Funeral of Karl Marx. You'll hear a reading of the speech and some commentary on it. http://marxismtodaypodcast.wordpress.com/
Keywords: Engles; Funeral; Burial; Karl Marx; Speech; Graveside; Capitalism; Socialism; Theory; Evolution
Downloads: 399
[audio]Nadia Rakowitz - Kritik der Zinskritik
Gesellschaftskritik, wie sie die Theorie der Zivilgesellschaft uebt, sitzt in ihrem Kern dem Schein der Zirkulation auf. Indem sie zwei sich ausschlieszende Prinzipien - kapitalistisch organisierte Produktion und selbstbestimmte, demokratische Verkehrsformen - miteinander versoehnen will, bewegt sie sich innerhalb der Grenzen des polizeilich Erlaubten und des logisch Unerlaubten (Marx). Die Kritik von Nadja Rakowitz zielt auf das gesellschaftliche Zentrum dieser Vorstellung, die ideologische Sph...
Keywords: Antifa; Zinskritik; Gesell; natuerliche Wirtschaftordnung; Karl Marx; Kritik der politischen Oekonomie
Downloads: 89
[texts]World Revolution
Communism was spreading rapidly across the world. What in the world could stop it?
Keywords: Communism; Soviet Union; Socialism; Karl Marx; Engels; Vladimir Lenin; Leon Trotsky
Downloads: 83
[audio]Enrique Dussel 190 Aniversario del Nacimiento de Karl Marx - Economia Radio Mexico, Economia Radio Mx
Keywords: Economia Radio Mexico; Economia Radio Mx; México; Karl Marx; Enrique Dussel A; UNAM
Downloads: 397
[movies]Harold Covington podcast - Harold A. Covington
This is an extract from Harold Covington's podcast of December 16, 2010 with added graphics. Welcome to a detailed exposition of the International Jewish Conspiracy big time. If only it were all fiction!
Keywords: Communism; feminism; Judaism; Karl Marx; Kol Nidre; Marxism; Northwest Front; Radio Free Northwest; Trotsky
Downloads: 263
[audio]Zotinax, Suite Three - People Helping People (and a whale)
The third and possibly final installment of the Zotinax mythos. This recording was painstakingly produced from a number of disparate resources by myself and my musical partner, Brian. This track, more than any of the previous ones, seeks to replicate the experience of ego-death often associated with the chemical LSD. 
Keywords: Zotinax; people; helping; socialism; karl marx; aRT BAND; ART; MUSIC; EXPERIMENTAL; KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN
Downloads: 12
[audio]marx_vs_vwl - AG Politische Diskussion
Vortrag von Rolf Röhrig (GegenStandpunkt), gehalten an der Universität Leipzig am 18.11.2008, zum Vergleich der Kapitalismuskritik von Karl Marx und der Lehre der VWL
Keywords: kapitalismus; kapitalismuskritik; das kapital; karl marx; rolf röhrig; gegenstandpunkt; vwl; volkswirtschaftslehre; wert; nutzentheorie; geld; lohnarbeit
Downloads: 664
[audio]Ursachen und Folgen des griechischen Staatsbankrotts - Freerk Huisken
Die Finanzkrise geht in die nächste Runde und ruiniert Instanzen, die bisher als mächtige Retter der Banken und der Konjunktur aufgetreten sind: Souveräne Staaten und Währungen verlieren ihren Kredit. Nicht nur Griechenland ist betroffen. Schon wieder erschüttert ein Akt der Spekulation die Welt und liefert einiges zur Aufklärung über die kapitalistische Welt ab: über das moderne Geld, über die Grundlagen der Finanzmacht der Staaten, über den inneren Imperialismus i...
Keywords: financial crisis; krise; kapital; kapitalismuskritik; finanzsektor; staat; finanzkrise; bank; banken; staatsverschuldung; ideologiekritik; marx; karl marx
Downloads: 953
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